Clinical Analysis


The laboratory operates in the various areas of clinical analysis, namely, in the following:

Molecular Biology

Quality Policy

Within the scope of the Quality Policy for this laboratory, we defined as main objective effectiveness, and for this, all the activities inherent to the clinical analysis should be carried out according to criteria of satisfaction of the users, contributing to a better overall provision of services. In order for our quality policy objective to be a reality, we will develop our activity according to the code of professional ethics and we will have implemented a quality management system, with the purpose of guaranteeing conformity in all phases of the laboratory work. The quality management system implemented in our laboratory aims to achieve a professional performance in clinical analyzes, according to criteria of clinical utility recognized by the scientific community. The laboratory relies on the involvement and collaboration of the whole team at its service in the implementation of the following principles:

  • Focus the professional performance primarily on the satisfaction of the expectations and demands of the users, for whom we guide the quality objectives, with the firm involvement of the laboratory;

  • Involve employees in complying with documented procedures, with a view to permanently guarantee the best benefits and review these procedures, when they are not effective or when they are updated scientifically;

  • Promote the continuous improvement of the system, processes, products and services, aiming at an ever better delivery of health care in order to meet implicit and explicit needs, through a strong and permanent involvement of management, employees, suppliers, doctors and agreed entities;

  • Provide greater credibility to users by the competence and integrity of the services provided by this laboratory, ensuring the quality of results determined through the implementation of internal and external quality controls. In equipment and reagents, there will be criteria in the selection of suppliers and their evaluation, there will also be optimization of economic resources;

  • Institutionally support the schools, colleges and universities in all the requested training and information process, provided that within the scope of our professional activity.

Rights and Duties

Knowledge of patients' rights and duties, also extended to all users of the Health Centers of the São Miguel Island Health Unit, contributes to improving the capacity for active intervention in the progressive improvement of care and services.
The Charter of Rights and Duties thus represents a further step towards the dignification of people with illness, respect for their particular condition and the humanization of health care, a path that patients, professionals and the community must go through hand in hand.

Rights of the Patient

1. The patient has the right to be treated with respect for human dignity;
2. The patient has the right to respect for his / her cultural, philosophical and religious convictions;
3. The patient has the right to receive appropriate care for his state of health, in the context of preventive, curative, rehabilitative and terminal care;
4. The patient is entitled to continuous care;
5. The patient has the right to be informed about the existing health services, their competences and levels of care;
6. The patient has the right to be informed about his / her health situation;
7. The patient has the right to obtain a second opinion about his / her health situation;
8. The patient has the right to give or refuse consent, prior to any medical act or participation in research or clinical teaching;
9. The patient has the right to the confidentiality of all the clinical information and identification elements that respect him;
10. The patient has the right of access to the data recorded in his clinical file;
11. The patient has the right to privacy in the rendering of any and all medical act;
12. The patient has the right, by himself or by his representative, to make suggestions and complaints.

Duties of the Patient

1. The patient has the duty to watch over his state of health;
2. The patient has the duty to provide health professionals with all the information necessary to obtain a correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment;
3. The patient has a duty to respect the rights of other patients;
4. The patient has the duty to collaborate with health professionals, respecting the indications that are recommended to him and, by themselves, freely accepted;
5. The patient has a duty to respect the rules of operation of the health services;
6. The patient has the duty to use health services appropriately and to actively collaborate in reducing unnecessary expenses.

This information does not exempt the reading of Law 15/2014 of March 21 - "Rights and Duties of the user of health services".